Relax. Robots won’t take your job, Deloitte report reassures

Last updated on June 25th, 2019 at 09:36 am

Western world despite accelerating technological change.

“Robots won’t take your job” the seventh Building the Lucky Country report notes, pointing to the fact unemployment rates in Australia are at their lowest levels since 2012.

“Where new technologies do take effect, they generally create as many jobs as they kill. It’s just that the ones that they kill are easily spotted, while the ones they create are hiding in plain sight,” the reports states. “After all, for every problem there is a job – and we’re not running out of problems.”

According to the report there has been no evidence to date of digital change leading to destruction of jobs in Australia, given more Australians are employed today than they were in the late ’80s, and the unemployment rate is below 30 year averages.

“We don’t face a dystopian future of rising unemployment, aimless career paths and empty offices. Yes, technology is driving change in the way we work, and the work we do, but it’s ultimately not a substitute for people,” said Deloitte Access Economics partner, and lead report author, David Rumbens .

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